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Our marriage is stronger then it has ever been and I love training and going through this chapter of our lives together.Oh yeah and the way both of our bodies have changed is pretty incredible also.

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So when a few of my friends started to get involved in Triathlons and training through Tri-umph I thought to myself, why not give it a shot and see what it is all about. Since joining Tri-umph I have lost 10 lbs, feel great and am probably in the best shape of my life.

Training for a triathlon I have found is about changing your lifestyle which Kate and the rest of coaches at Tri-umph help me with by coaching me, motivating me and keeping it fun at the same time. -Jay MRunning, for me, is very relaxing, and learning to bike faster and more efficiently has been quite satisfying. It seemed easy enough, but learning to swim has proven quite challenging.

I gladly would have given up, but working with a dedicated coach like Kate motivated me to get past my own self-doubt.

Paul Murray teaching a class on a spectacular site above the Rio Grande river.

This was featured in a recent Discover Channel TV special where the Taos Art School was voted Best Art Experience in New Mexico. Our first day will be spent at this riparian area of cottonwoods and willows growing along the river banks.

Here the water is shimmering and slow, the trees provide homes for a variety of small birds and beaver often swim near the shore.About 3 years ago I started taking inventory of my life.For the last 15 years I had been taking care of my 3 young children and fully supporting a husband who was becoming a Surgeon. Last summer I completed 2 Sprint and one Olympic Triathlon. These accomplishments would never had happened without Tri-umph and my coach Kate!!!When my youngest started 1st grade and I was only a year away from turning 40, I decided it was going to be all about me for awhile. She is truly an inspirational, patient and understanding coach.No more residency, no more napping children, no more kids in 1/2 day school. When my neighbor completed his first triathlon he told me it changed his life and that struck a cord. Tri-umph changed my life so much that my husband wanted to be part of the team.I joined Tri-umph and that was the best decision in my life. He joined triumph last year and it was great not only for him but for us.