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I love lager but if I’m dressed up then I don’t want to bloat myself by drinking that.Hendricks gin is just lovely with a slice of cucumber. My dad and uncle own a bar in Weybridge called ‘Red’ so we always go out there. Plus they have a late license too so you can carry on boogeying till 1am.There’s always a great atmosphere and plenty of people we know. Once my boyfriend finishes at work, then we’ll have a bottle of beer in the garden and invite our friends over for a barbecue. The one thing that’s pretty much guaranteed is that I’ll be outdoors soaking up some sunshine. My most memorable weekend would have to be my 30th birthday party last Saturday.

We even had a guest appearance from Bobby Davro who sang “Your Song” (by Elton John) to me.

It was truly one of the most memorable days of my life. My perfect night in would be snuggling up on the sofa with my boyfriend.

And to top it all off at 4.30am the next morning, my boyfriend and I got a taxi to Gatwick and flew out to the Sensatori resort in Tenerife. We’d order in a takeaway curry and settle down for a few episodes of The Following with Kevin Bacon.

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If I’m working then I’ll be thinking about the show that evening.

But ideally, if I have the night/weekend off then I’ll be thinking about a night on the town.

Who normally has the pleasure of your company at the weekends?

Normally I spend the weekends with my boyfriend and all of our friends. I like wearing jumpsuits or shorts as it means that you can have a proper dance without worrying about flashing your knickers.

Sometimes I’ll go out with the girls but now we’re getting older and most my friends are married, we tend to all go out together as one big group. I don’t normally prepare that much for a night hair? You’ve just arrived at the bar, what’s your first drink?

I always go for a gin and tonic for my first drink.