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Welcome to the Technical Information portion of the U. For easier navigation, tabs on the left side of the page will guide you to each discipline (Singles/Pairs, Ice Dancing, Synchronized Skating and Adult Skating). Figure Skating Alerts and Technical Notifications are on a separate page.

" Frame my brain to the game Nigga blow the whistle (tweet)[ZUZ ROCK] Same issue, I move like a video on jerk. With out they words, with out they verbs Little boys left on they kerb. But their heart rate stop (beeep) When they have just learned That I'm above they flow Leave yer mind in high-low Like they center of a polo, push Can't enter his height when I'm so low, Yah, yeh don't know, so -- None a yer words can hurt me, fool. Grab a man's chain If I get shifty, never in vain Ain't life, but I stay in they game Yeah the prodicial's the same "Ain't we all a little ? Ya find, the way I am contracts to they street Come around, will you? cause no, it's just an argument Words they is jerkin' in they House of Parliament. Still ghetto wit they mind of a needle Quicker than a cheetah, Draw nine millimeter up. Style to the manner, got a place in the manor Like a .38, always come back to the man-ner. And you don't wanna fuck with my side, fool[SHYSTIE & SOV] Yo, this is Shystie Yeah, SOV, Lady Sovereign, and what Shystie. I'm on it, boy-eh, Let's battle, Show these guys what we're worth, ruthey boy, Cause I know, see, I can spit, Let's show them. [SOV] Yo, there's something, I got one bad habit, When those streets step to me, I won't have it, 'Specially people like you and you an That's okay, now when I come through Come up they light's in they low power, Remember they time when you got slaughtered, Beef? See I'm a man who only chats realness Be like most these kids who chat sh*t S*ck record company dick. Still bills I'm payin', still for meals I'm prayin' In the meanwhile, I stayed me and wait, They life ain't great, But's better than the jobs from state, For makin' it, mate, just a Q and A. Murder mans, niggas fast like a greyhound Quick to run in the bank, and tell ya lay down. You versus me equals my car trunk.[Chorus: x2] Lissen up, Zuz, Frost P, eyes frosty, That Meda camp, kills MCs softly Like Lauren, we buy shots from foreign. A domestic life Devil promotion of sickness (hwack) I'll spit this Anyone listenin' is a witness.

The Meda camp's deep, and they never stopped we Spittin' lyrics in your face, you can't keep up they pace So you don't wanna fuck with our side, fool! Hup-two-three-four, I'm goin' to war, To win and leave the runner-up sore. ) I'm raw, like uncooked meat, That's why I'm in they hole, That why I flak it, I'm a treat -- I'm deep. [SHY/SOV CHORUS] [x2] Yo, lissen up to Sovereign and me, Shystie! I'm showin' you, Dey don't know about how us gurrls spit, yeh. Waltz it to where them don't sleep, Yaeh, now creep! I'm the lyrical Shakespeare thou shall never test Doesn't spit about a rattle man's chest Accordings to these angles, if dere was a circle Yeah! I take you for a joke, so you get laffed at (haha) Yer a basic MC, boy. Cause my microphone sample is in they silence, Leaving, yeh suddenly need stabilizers. 'ey, lissen up, Don't get f*cked up I go through PMS, My mood swings leave niggas in a state of Distress. I'll leave you body wrapped, body bagged, in a closed hearse. Cannot rilly know that I jes silly caught, seen me But I'm still here, cause I move like the wind.