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Legions of companies are preparing to show off their music apps and other technologies when the exhibit floor opens at SXSW Interactive on Monday, but already, a handful stand out from the pack.

Ai R Guitar, one of eight music finalists in the Microsoft Biz Spark Accelerator, a months-long app contest with the final judging on Wednesday, makes an unlikely pairing out of air guitar and augmented reality — thus “Ai R Guitar.” To play, you must first don a T-shirt with an image of a guitar on it — or tape a printout of this guitar (.pdf) to your torso.

The system relies on your webcam to understand when you’re strumming, which makes video recording a natural extra feature.

You can choose to record your Ai R Guitar performance, after which the app offers a link and embed code so you can share it with your friends.

There’s only one song for Ai R Guitar so far, from Wales’ The Last Republic, but the opportunity clearly exists for more bands to launch their own Ai R Guitar songs.

Instead of selling a regular band T-shirt, they might follow The Last Republic’s example by putting a guitar on the shirt, giving their fans a (very) different way to play their music.

This was a very effective way for me to study music with teachers in other countries and I believe to be highly effective and convenient.

Soon Beau Bledsoe is one of the first online musical instructors available via Google fiber.

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All you need is: A computer A webcam, either built in or USBHigh speed internet connection - 400 kpbs or higher recommended Skype video chat software (free download)How it works:1.

We schedule a lesson date and time (either via email or on the phone).2.

You provide payment via Paypal (at least 24 hours prior to scheduled lesson)3. Personal lessons online from the comfort of your desktop!

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