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After living out of a suitcase for most of her singing career, Hayley is also making the very adult move of buying her first home.

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"Yes, I am dating but it's nothing serious," she says."I work too hard and there's too much travelling for me at the moment, so it's too difficult to date seriously.Besides, I'm still young." Whoever Hayley's mystery man is, she has no time to think of him on this lightning-fast trip home to New Zealand.Hayley Westenra has come a long way from being the Littlest Star in her primary school play and busking for pocket money in central Christchurch at weekends.And if there's any doubt that she's very much a grown-up these days, the 20-yearold walks all over it when she arrives at the New Zealand Woman's Weekly photo shoot in super-skinny jeans, a slinky top and a killer pair of high heels.

There seems to be no trace of the schoolgirl- or even teenage - Hayley as this elegant long-legged young woman sits down in a comfy armchair.She kicks off the stilettos, tucks her bare feet under herself and grins sheepishly, providing a reassuring hint of the little girl who charmed the world with her angelic voice."I couldn't find anything else except these shoes as I was rushing to get here.Everything is still packed," she says, with a laugh. But they're lovely." As well as an eye for cutting-edge fashion, there are other signs that little wide-eyed Hayley is long gone.For a start, she is no longer a "teen singing sensation" but a well-respected international artist of 20.She's also going it alone after her parents Gerald and Jill decided earlier this year to stop travelling with her so much so they could spend more time at home in Christchurch with their other two children Sophie (16) and Isaac (13).