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That could help you better manage your finances, and save over the lifetime of your loan.

You now just have one loan instead of multiple loans.When you refinance student loans you basically consolidate them into single loan with a new interest rate, new terms, and monthly payment amount.The lender will evaluate you and your creditworthy cosigner’s (if applicable) financial information to offer you a new low and a lower rate.Our fast and easy student loan refinancing calculator lets you plug in your remaining balance and existing monthly payments so you can quickly figure out whether refinancing your student loans can improve your finances.Depending on how long you’ve been out of school, your annual income and credit history is likely to have improved.

By refinancing your existing student loans you may see a dramatic reduction in your interest rate – even a few points.With only a few exceptions, it is generally advisable for all student debt holders to at least explore a refinancing scenario, especially since getting your rate through Lend Key’s platform will have no impact on your credit score.OUR GUIDE Student Loan Refinancing: Variable vs Fixed Rate Whether you choose a fixed or variable rate, it’s always important to remember to pick a loan that is right for you and your particular financial situation.Remember that interest rates could rise higher than the past highs.If you’re comfortable assuming a little more risk in your payment amount, a variable rate loan does have the potential to offer more savings.LEARN MORE With Lend Key’s student loan consolidation and refinancing, you can combine your federal and private student loans into one convenient payment with a lower interest rate.