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The “JS” stands for “Jewish singles.” “I am more apt to go out with someone that a friend has set me up with,” said Jessica.

“The problem with dating through matchmakers is that nobody wants to do it. It’s unromantic and lame.” JS Match Point is the brainchild of Sharon Haberman, an Upper West Side mother of five and former lawyer who is receiving advice and support from Presen Tense, the social entrepreneurship ideas incubator.

She plans to make the organization a nonprofit, although at this point it is still at the business plan stage as she seeks funding.

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“People are looking to these networks, especially in the age of social media,” Fishman said.“They strengthen the identity of everyone in the network, as well as expanding the network as a whole.” This multiplier effect of networks is appealing at a time when Jewish anxiety over perpetuating the Tribe remains intense.Not only are Jews increasingly intermarrying, but they are marrying at lower rates, and considerably later, than Americans in general. But she’s playing the dating game with a handicap: divorced parents, which make her less of a catch in the eyes of traditional matchmakers. These new projects are hardly the first attempts to use the Internet to promote Jewish marital bliss.Ideally, a friend who’s savvy about setting people up would step in. At 14 years old, JDate is one of the oldest and most popular sites for pairing up Jews of all stripes (although not all its users are seeking marriage).

And it’s just one of a number of new initiatives — including a website and a Facebook group — that aim to help young Modern Orthodox Jews meet and marry.Four years after JDate came Frumster, an Orthodox alternative for those seeking more observant and more marriage-minded partners.And since 2003, another site, Saw You At Sinai has sought to combine the privacy and personal touch of a matchmaker with Internet dating features like e-mailing, profile sharing and even algorithms.While Frumster, JDate and Saw You At Sinai are all for-profit businesses, the latest projects have a more grass-roots ethos.They seek to achieve their goal of creating more Jewish marriages by diffusing skills, connections and power into the hands of regular folks.JS Match Point, for example, will tap the potential of an existing network by training community members who like to make matches.