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1) Acacia only dated Sam to get closer to Kian 2) Acacia kept trying to change Sam and wouldn't except him for him 3) Acacia only wanted to date Sam so she can meet Cody Simpson As you can see many of the rumors are about Acacia not Sam.

Though Acacia also posted a video about her being bullied and called mean names called "Word Hurt" on the same channel "Acacia Clark" on November 25, 2012.

Dylan Dauzat has surprised a lot of fans with this new revelation about his relationship status!

The 18-year-old You Tube star revealed on social media that he’s been dating a cute girl named Nicki Grutt for almost a year!

Orlando is hosting Playlist Live, an event that gives people a chance to engage with more than 250 of the most popular personalities on the Internet.

Those in attendance will have the opportunity to attend musical performances, comedy and fashion shows, talks and discussions and more.

For those who have the aspiration to be a You Tube star, the Business Insight track provides interactive panels with industry leaders who teach how to develop content, gain followers and create trends.In its fourth year, Playlist Live has added even more excitement with a new outdoor stage, a weekend-long pool party, a full-scale fashion show, tons of inflatable games, a public live stream and more. Here's a small portion of the online stars that will be in attendance. See recap of Playlist Live 2013Tickets are sold out for the event, but I will be attending the event and will be posting photos, video and more to keep you updated. Let me know and I'll do my best to find them and post a video. Ok so I know Sam and Acacia broke up but I wanted to hear Sam talk about it and I heard that he posted a video on You Tube talking about the break up but I can't find it do if you know which one it is then tell me! It's Never good." There were SO MANY RUMORS that were never really officially true or not true but still know one really knows why they broke up here are some of the rumors... This is The Video A Acacia also posted a video called "Just a FYI Video" on her channel "Acacia Clark" officially saying they broke up on October 22, 2012 This is the Video Ig5N3W6o (P. In the video Sam has a needle in his Stomach he has Diabetes) Just So You Know: Sam broke up with Acacia (Not the other way around) He even said "Break ups are never good anyway even if you want to break up with them. Day 363- KIANSAM13" is on their used to be "Vlog Channel" (Video Blog Channel) "Kian Sam13". He said it officially on his channel and posted it on October 15, 2012.