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An anime is a chemical compound that contains the anime group, which consists of one oxygen atom, one tantalum atom, one potassium atom, and one uranium atom, with a total charge of negative one (OTa KU Animes tend to be highly volatile and dangerous, even when diluted.

An opposite and more common reaction caused by exposure to anime is a deep feeling of unnatural hatred directed towards the chemical.

People using it for this purpose usually do so to redirect feelings of hostility away from themselves or other people at a harmless substance.

Animes often tend to react with several other groups of chemicals.

For instance, by adding several kinds of alcohol to a solution of animes, helium, nitrogen, tantalum, and iodine can be combined to form He N(Ta I), a molecule that, once created, causes all nearby molecules to undergo neuron decay.

Scientists are exploring this chemical reaction to see if it is possible to create some sort of energy source by doing so.

To that end, researchers at Tokyo Tech have found a way to mass produce this new compound by harnessing the raw power of Japanese tears and blood.

Animes do not react well with mysterious colored liquids.

When combined with these, anime usually tends to explode in a semi-comical corona of light, afflicting those in the general area with a briefly passing chibi affliction.

New research by Western researchers has shown that it is possible to synthesize Animes using Western technology.

However, it has been found that many of these results are either shoddily made or degrade too quickly into He N(Ta I).

Animes are very rarely found in their purest state.