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Most people remember the scandal involving Anthony Weiner, a former U. Congressman from New York City who sent explicit images of his anatomy through text messages.

The scandal, referred to often in the media as Weinergate, led Weiner to resign in 2011.

However, the destruction wrought by Weiner's actions is no joke.

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Sexting, or the act of sending sexually explicit material through text messages, often via mobile phones can be an addiction that destroys lives in much the same way other addictions do.

Sexting can include sexually explicit text messages, or they can include sexually explicit photographs, images or videos.

Sexting is typically carried out deliberately, with people sending sexts about themselves.

But sometimes, sext messages that contain sexually explicit material about someone else can be sent, in some cases when the subject of the sexts has not given consent.

Sexts can also be sent to someone who does not wish to receive sexually explicit material.

Because sexting is a recent phenomemon, it has not yet been adequately researched, and proper limits to sexting have not yet been worked out.

However, many people have found themselves in trouble over sexually explicit sexts.

One of worst case scenarios is when teenagers sext sexually explicit pictures of themselves and are subsequently accused of distribution of child pornography.

Sexting can be a symptom or manifestation of sexual addiction, which is an illness like other addictions, and causes destructive consequences.

For some, sexting is the primary behavior involved in sexual addiction.

For others, an all-consuming interest in pornography, sexual encounters with sex workers, pathological infidelity, or cybersex relationships can be the main focus of the addiction.