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Even for an intensely private woman, this seems extreme.

Over the past 25 years, she has jettisoned producers, musicians, studios, the press, the industry, live performance and the expectations of fans to the point where Bush, once the most kinetic and physical of artists, has become not just invisible but essentially inanimate.

Inevitably, the vacuum has been filled by rumour and innuendo, most commonly portraying her as a modern-day Miss Havisham, mad and fearful.

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Bush’s cast-iron desire for privacy is not a fiction, but the idea of her eking out a remote, witchy existence is nonsense.She lives quietly with the guitarist Danny Mc Intosh, and her 12-year-old son Bertie.She does normal things, from going to the post office to attending parties with friends.Google the words “Kate Bush weird” and you will be offered more than 5.5million results, more even than “Kate Bush genius” or “Kate Bush sexy”.While it’s a misconception that the most consistently challenging British artist of the past 30 years is, in her own words, a “weirdo recluse”, it’s one that’s unlikely to be corrected by the promotional campaign surrounding the release of her first album for nearly six years.

Bush has launched Director’s Cut, on which she revisits songs from her albums The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993), without granting any meaningful access.There has been a drip-feed of pleasingly playful photos; a handful of unrevealing print interviews; a couple of radio chats and a terribly hammy video in which she does not appear.She hasn’t toured since 1979 and will not be seen within a mile of Jools Holland’s TV jamboree or Graham Norton’s sofa.Of the many reasons why an aura of oddness continues to surround Bush, her prolonged absence from public life is now the most significant.There’s a tendency to dismiss talk of her reclusiveness as lazy thinking, but it’s not without substance.She hasn’t performed on television since 1994, while her last genuinely public appearance was at the 2001 Q Awards.