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“Fundawear” is one of the top searches that leads people to Kink&Code and over the past year I’ve heard from a huge number of couples who are separated because of work, military, or visa status but still want to keep intimacy alive.

Unfortunately, though, they didn’t follow through on their promise to create the actual product and sell it. In the time since Durex released their little clit tease, there have been many, many awesome sex toy companies that have released similar toys for couples who are interested in keeping “in touch” even when they can’t touch in person.While you can’t buy Fundawear, the following companies have toys that you can actually purchase and start using with your lover.Perhaps on of the most famous of the smartphone-controlled sex toys, Oh Mi Bod has a few different options for long distance lovers. Many fandoms have canonical robots, such as Data on TNG and several characters in the Terminator franchise.A typical plot is for the robot character to desire to be more human.

In some fandoms, AUs casting a canonically human character as a robot are fairly popular. Sex-bots may be even more popular in media than in fanworks, appearing in everything from Austen Powers and AI: Artificial Intelligence to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As a sexual kink robot fic can be fantasies about sex-bots, but also related to the Fucking Machine kink or to the alien kink, depending on how the robot is designed (see also mechanical tentacles).

However, the anatomy of a robot is usually designed like a human's.

On the mental side there can be overlap with a mind control kink.

The word robot was invented in 1920 by Karel Čapek for a Czech science fiction play, R. R.; the subtitle, "Rossum's Universal Robots", was in English.

When you search “buy Fundawear,” the post that I wrote ages ago* is the first thing that comes up.