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It’s ALMOST Christmas, the most wonderful time of year, are you ready???

Or have you been so caught up in your crazy busy life that you haven’t had time to make a spectacular gift for your hubby?

If so, you are in luck because we’ve got your back! } We’ve searched the Internet world and have gathered together the best DIY gifts out there.

Instead of making a card, grab one of your children’s books.

Write a lovely letter on the inside flap and present to your sweetie.

Make a tradition by buying children’s books instead of cards in the future. Think of all the cute messages you could write on your dishes.

Would be fun to decorate a plate, cup, and bowl with sharpies just for him.

If you love Pride and Prejudice then you have to check out This is such a fun and pretty simple idea.

Of course you could use pages from a children’s book or you can add some of your favorite photos, pages from a book of poems, or write your own love story for your placemat.This would be fun to pair up with your decorative dishes.If you love this idea check out I love this adorable idea inspiration.You can easily do this by cutting out a shape such as a tree, a house, or a heart, whatever your hubby would love.Write your favorite poem, love story, or favorite lyrics on the shape and put it in a beautiful frame.Start a tradition of note writing with this lovely idea.