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Filed under: dating women — datinglatinas @ pm Tags: Belizean women, dating, dating Belizean women, dating latin american women, dating women, dating women from Belize, latin american, latin american women, latin women, online dating, woman, women Many of the issues facing Belizean women today are the same as those facing the rest of the women in Latin America.Dating Latin American Women has its challenges because most of Latin America women live under a patriarchal system where the man rules.Whether it’s government, jobs, businesses or families, the man is usually at the head, and it is no different for Belizean women.

Belize has a small population, a little over 300 thousand people and the ethnic makeup is mainly Mestizo and Creole.If you like dark, exotic women who speak English (it is the official language), then Belize is the country where you should look for your Latin American woman.As far as dating a woman from Belize is concerned, keep in mind that it is a very small country and relatively isolated.I have a friend who lived there for about eight years, who told me that conversations are mostly about politics and local gossip.My friend also noted that there is a small-town mentality there, with very little interest of what’s going on outside of Belize. There are women in Belize who do not accept the patriarchal paradigm and are working so that the Belizean society will change.

We know this at Dating Latin American and we support it.Nevertheless, the truth is that Belize is still very much a patriarchal stronghold.Filed under: dating women — datinglatinas @ pm Tags: dating, dating Guatemalan women, dating latin american women, dating women, Guatemalan women, latin american, latin american women, latin women, online dating, woman, women It is very unfortunate that Guatemalan women struggle for their rights within a context of insecurity and violence. It’s something that they have face throughout the country’s history; and the struggle continues.There has been internal armed conflict in past decades, and women, most of the indigenous, were victims of sexual, physical and psychological violence during all those years.Statistics show that between 2001 and May 2009, there have been more than 1,500 women murdered and only in 14 of those cases were the perpetrators brought justice.This impunity only serves to reinforce the patriarchal hierarchy in the Guatemalan family. Guatemalan women face violence on the street, in the workplace and at home.