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Good people are leaving, layoffs include personal grudges so people are getting fed up.

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Only a handful of management actually grasp the business details - but are not in a position to fix the problems with the company. Almost as if the top management is clueless on where to head this company. Management would like you to believe that they have it under control.

However, the lack of motivation, direction is evident on the work floor.

Middle management is average, with a bunch of people just trying to do their job. No job security - you are just a number, and that's it. Alot of change occuring providing alot of market opportunities.

Cons CEO was never around, spent most of her time in New York.

Some of their biggest clients were working with the Toronto office only because of Global agency contracts, not because they really wanted to work with Wunderman Toronto. They have a very deep set corporate culture that prevents them from being adaptive to the market. Not a ship I'd recommend getting on board with.

Cons It's a very flat organization so if you're looking for fancy titles, lots of direct reports, your own office, corporate perqs, this is not the place for you. Advice to Management Wake up to the realities around you.

Your company could be fantastic, but you're seriously lagging behind your American counterparts both publicly in the market and with the internal culture. Pros Neat industry, lots of challenges in different dating verticals (voice,web, mobile).

US, Canadian and Australian markets offer plenty of challenges for a person.

Strong developer team with good foundations that keeps it all together.

Last couple years has seen a big cultural / management shift in company.

So far results are less than stellar and morale is heading south fast.