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Each week we select one person for a free 15 minute psychic phone reading.

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Your psychic reading will address your issues directly and you will receive detailed, accurate and insightful psychic information You want to talk money, great by to help those that are wanting to move forward in their lives whether with a new career focus or a entrepreneurial spirit.

Work related issues are a specialty as well as difficult financial situations.

I have updated this post from last May, because it is Christmas day and many people find themselves alone on this day wondering what he or she is doing and questioning if he or she will come back to them.

Even though it is a magical time for many, for some people it can increase the feelings of loneliness and longing.

Many clients over the years have asked me to communicate with their loved ones and give them messages from them.

Yes I can channel peoples feelings and thoughts, but I cannot and will not send them messages.

If these messages are not sent BY YOU, there could be a major miscommunication.

This prompted me to realize that I had to blog about how to send sexual energy and emotional messages to lovers and ex lovers from afar. Please, however, keep in mind that you don’t want to do anything against someone’s will.

Before I show you the process, I will tell you an experience many years ago. Before you embark on this soul to soul journey, I recommend that you find out that it is not against his or her will.

I was seeing somebody in another state, and to make a long story short, it ended quite suddenly. If it is against their will, you might push them further away and cause a lot of confusion within them.

I was heartbroken; so, I started sending messages saying “I want to marry Linda”. Please purchase a Channelled Feelings Reading from me or a Channelled Oracle Card Reading by Email or a Channelled Oracle Card Reading By Phone on what your soul wants you to know about that person.