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Home Page Items: Featured Stories | Weekend Results | News Featured Stories New York City Marathon Announces American Field The New York City Marathon has announced the top American athletes to compete in the November 6th marathon. With the "best" American marathoners running in the Olympic Marathons in August, most of those will not run a Fall Marathon and/or most will not yet commit to such. The American field at the New York City Marathon is set to include some of those who will run track events at the Olympics, and perhaps we will see another announcement from the NYC Marathon in September that one or more of the USA's 2016 Olympic Marathoners will be added to the field.

Read the Press Release Previous Release / Molly Huddle Berlin Marathon Announces Bekele and Kipsang The Berlin Marathon works hard to bring the fastest men to their race: always searching for a new world record...

The field is not usually the deepest, and the race not a contest between a half dozen or dozen men; instead it is a race focusing on the hope of a world record. In the women's race, Yuko Nakai, 42, was first in .

For 2016, an Olympic year, the challenge to bring together a field is greatest. JTB Maui Marathon - Sep 18 - Maui, HI Craig Benson, 45, was the winner of the 2016 Maui Marathon in .

For 2016, the Berlin Marathon will bring back Kenenisa Bekele who is generally regarded as the greatest track runner of all time and who, despite middling success so far at the marathon, is expected to have one of the best chances to set a new record.

Can Bekele set a record this year or prove that he can move closer to being recognized as a great marathoner? And not to write off his greatness, Wilson Kipsang - one of the truly greatest marathoners of all-time - will also be at Berlin. In the women's race, Rachel Harley, of Birmingham AL, was first in .

Read the Press Release Weekend Results USA/Canada Results | International Results USA and Canada Results Air Force Marathon - Sep 17 - Dayton, OH Zebulon Hanley, of San Antonio TX, was the winner of the 2016 Air Force Marathon in .

Community First Fox Cities Marathon - Sep 18 - Appleton, WI Mason Grundy was the winner of the 2016 Fox Cities Marathon in .

Jennifer Helmer, 30 of Charleston SC, was second in .

In the women's race, Brianna Deming, 24 of Webster NY, was first in . HITS Endurance Omaha Marathon - Sep 18 - Omaha, NE Traxler Jake, 26, was the winner of the 2016 Omaha Marathon in .

Justin Bender, 22 of Williamsville NY, was third in . In the women's race, Mauser-suing Shannon, 38, was first in .

Charles, IL Jeff Wysong, 26 of Chicago IL, was the winner of the 2016 Fox Valley Marathon in . Terence Forrest, 32 of Normanton Wkf, was second in .