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Nick Cannon got run over by the Mariah Carey express, because their business manager let her drive the train on the sale of their mansion ... But the house isn't the issue -- Nick's cool with the sale -- he says the problem is Kane failed to keep him in the loop from start to finish. He says he didn't find out about this until after the fact. Cannon says he never authorized the million sale of the Bel-Air home he and Carey used to share, and believes biz manager Michael Kane was dealing exclusively with her people on the deal.

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Nick wants the bulk of the mil frozen until he gets a detailed accounting to determine how much cheese he's getting.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are having marriage problems? I mean, why else would a couple have a commitment ceremony and re-marriage ceremony at Disneyland, of all places.

I would understand if anybody but Mariah and Nick did that, but looking at those two is like looking at a mirage gone wrong.

For one, Nick seemed like he was being coerced down that walkway, even years later.

And also, Mariah’s diva-ness is infamous in Hollywood circles, so if she’s that blatant with others, imagine what she’s like with her own husband? Magazine, Nick and Mariah are on the verge of getting a divorce, even though they’re trying hard to keep their issues private. , “ And lest you think that this is all Mariah’s doing, think again.

Apparently, Mariah had Nick followed on two separate occasions, and she reportedly caught him cheating on both occasions. Another source adds, Well, that and their children, of course.The kids are still very young, and no doubt a divorce would affect them quite a lot.And if this does turn out to be a nasty custody battle, then there’s a chance that the kids [who are twins] will be split up, one going to mom and the other going to dad.Of course, even without Nick’s cheating, the couple was already having problems.Mariah’s insecurity and Nick’s obsession with his career are both reportedly causing friction between the couple, and that friction is only increased whenever Mariah throws another one of her diva fits.Considering that they do have a prenup, I wouldn’t consider their divorce decision to be too fraught with complications, but you can bet that it’ll still be a headache for everyone involved.