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While there are subtle differences between the units, all four offer a reliable experience. Nest decided to focus on one thing and they got it right.The camera offers night vision and bank-level encryption. However, Canary is a close second and the picture quality is truly stunning.It’s important to remember that there is so much more to picture quality than resolution. The free plan lets you view the last 12 hours of footage recorded.

You can share video via text, email, or even to social sites like Facebook.

The next plan up offers 2 days of video history, unlimited video downloads, and 25 clips for .99 per month.

If this isn’t enough, you can bump to 100 event clips and 7 days of video history for .99 per month.

Home automation is a hot topic and Canary, Piper, Nest Cam, and Angee are four of the hottest products that fall somewhere between automation and self-monitored home security.

I’ve personally tried three of the four devices and I live with both Canary and Nest Cam.

Canary is a camera that started shipping last year.Piper nv is the latest version of Piper, adding night vision and other upgrades. And Angee is an in-progress project successfully funded on Kickstarter.The four devices all have several things in common.They all have the option to function without monthly fees, they are all easy to install and setup, and they all provide some level of home security.While Canary, Piper, and Angee offer many built-in features, the primary feature of all four units is video surveillance.All offer FHD video (even Dropcam thanks to a recent change) and they all also offer night vision, the only exception being Piper, Piper nv’s predecessor.