Mike piazza dating sam champion

The Los Angeles Dodgers said “congratulations” to former star Mike Piazza on being elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame Wednesday, but there was one little problem: Piazza doesn’t want anything to do with his old team.

“I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with LA stamped on my head for all of eternity.” Nevertheless, in a posting Wednesday after the election, the team wrote: “Congratulations, Mike Piazza on your induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.” The posting also cited his accomplishments as a Dodger.“In seven years with the Dodgers from 1992-98, Piazza batted .331 with 177 home runs and 563 RBI in 726 games.” There was no mention of his accomplishments at the Mets.The Times recalled Piazza’s bitterness when he was traded in a dispute over salary and Piazza’s belief the Dodgers owners at the time tried to turn fans against him, characterizing him as too greedy.Also elected to the Hall of Fame was Ken Griffy Jr. Hall of Fame induction ceremonies will be July 24 in Cooperstown, New York.By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor Allen and Ginter is known for covering the world beyond just a single sport.

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