Mom vs son love chat

I realize the same issues can come up with mothering daughters… 1) Have regular chats with other moms of boys (moms of boys only).Even though I know moms with boys and girls can understand boys, I think having boys is a whole different matter altogether.

Probably not anything with vehicles or sports or superheros…. (Yes I know my boys may enjoy “girly” hobbies but I don’t want to count on it.

so far I have not become passionate about those things (though I enjoy them in moderation). Something active, I think, will be key.) 3) Find books we can both get into.

I have to admit I get really really tired of all the digger books, the firetruck books, the good verses evil, etc etc.

As a mother of boys I have had to rewrite my dreams and life journey to include sons versus daughters.

It’s not that I do not love my boys with all my heart, or wish they were any different. After all, I was one of two girls and I never really knew (and therefore expected) anything different for my own family.

And over the past few years I have tried to come to terms with my feelings by reflecting on why exactly I feel it is so different to mother boys. though these things are an outer reflection of deeper things beneath the surface.It’s also the interests you have in common, the relationship you expect in the years to come, and the general understanding of life experience as a man versus a woman.In uncovering and realizing my expectations and my assumptions, I have tried to think of practical ways I can embrace being a mother of boys.I realize this may seem silly to those who have a daughter, or were never expecting to have a daughter and therefore do not have strong emotions about it.But I feel this is an important topic to post about as I have had conversations with many other “boy moms” and know I am not alone in this challenge.Here are 10 ways I am doing my best to embrace being a mother of boys. but in dealing with this issue, it is pretty much impossible not to include them. There are Amazon Affiliate links in this post for your convenience.