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Consumer Justice Center (CJC) is a consumer advocacy group specializing in protecting the rights of consumers from creditor’s aggressive and sometimes unlawful collection efforts. Do I have to work with a debt settlement company or be enrolled in a debt settlement plan to utilize your service? CJC helps you regardless as to whether or not you are enrolled in a debt settlement program. We offer a creditor harassment mitigation service for consumers. CJC is not a law firm and as such can not give you any legal advice. We are required to tell you this so that you do not confuse our educational instruction with legal advice. CJC does not negotiate, settle or in anyway work with your creditors to resolve debts.

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We are a walking advertisement for the inevitable pull of gravity.

Often I get pop ups or suggestions to check out the "hottest female athletes" or the "hottest daughters of professional athletes." Actually, that makes me wonder what in my browsing history makes me a candidate for such suggestions.

One question haunted me for days leading up to my first nude yoga class.

At work, as I ran errands, and as I fell asleep at night, this one absolutely crucial question bounced endlessly around inside my head: Do I put my yoga mat at the front of the class, or at the back of the class?

A profusion of purple flags recently sprang up on Santa Rosa Beach in the Florida Panhandle.

Some assume the flags indicate the presence of sharks, but they actually signal a much smaller but still pernicious pest known as "sea lice." "Sea lice," also commonly called "swimmer's itch" or "beach lice," are not lice at all.They are thimble jellyfish larvae, too small to see with the unaided eye but capable of stinging swimmers with the same force as their gelatinous adult counterparts.reports that the tiny organisms have yet to reach Alabama beaches such as Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.And the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has issued no alerts.But the Florida Department of Health says the microscopic creatures have been detected in coastal waters for more than a century.A Miami resident once described bathing off the coast in 1903 as "the year we were were all poisoned ...