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There are some people who think computers are overpowering andare afraid to approach and try using a computer.

But in reality, computer programmers are designing the computers so that they are more and more user friendly.

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It becomes habit-forming.” (Forester, 218) For the most part, computers are having a positive effect on society.

Unfortunately there is a negative side to this glamorous revolution, electronic fraud.

“The opportunities for creative fraud are vastly greater than they used to be.” (Baig, Business week, Nov.

Answering machines, voice mail, pagers, computers, Internet services, cellular phones, and compact disks are just some of the new technologies that have been developed within the past few decades.

These developments will change the way Americans live forever. As the future approaches, more and more new technology will be coming forth and effecting everyone in some way. Though along with its advantages, comes disadvantages.

Computers have varying effects on society, both positive and negative. Computers are becoming more prominate in businesses, schools and even personal homes.Many families have invested in personal computers to help to do tasks such as keeping the budget balanced, to write papers and for entertainment purposes.Many schools have adopted the idea of bringing computers into the classrooms.“In the classroom, where youngsters are being introduced to the machines as early as kindergarten, they astound-and often outpace-their teachers with their computer skills.” (Golden, 219) Educating students about computer literacy is an important aspect for the upcoming generation.Computer literacy will become just as important for people to understand as reading, writing and arithmetic are.The world is becoming a wireless, digital, computer oriented society. Computers are everywhere and everyone must be educatedand aware of the power they posses.