Nicki and nas dating dangers of online dating websites

Fair maiden’s husky lover has now, by the way, moved on to a child of destiny.

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She and Ogunleye were having an affair and things happened so quick she was uncertain of the child’s paternity.

That’s why she refused to allow Nas into the delivery room and refuses to allow him to visit her son without her or the nanny.

Her son has striking features he inherited from his biological father who is of Nigerian decent.

She fears losing another property she has had two foreclosures and two evictions since her divorce.

Ogunleye has since upgraded and is now dating Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child.

Rumors are rapidly spreading that Nas isn’t the father of Kelis’ son, Knight.

This morning we spotted a blind item on Rhymes with Snitch that read remarkably similarly to a tip we received last week and quickly dismissed.

Here’s the RWS item: Once upon a time there was a young dragon slayer who hailed from Queens Bridge.

This fabled dragon slayer slayed dragons twice his size with ease, though he never quite reached the heights of the dragons he has slain.

There are whispers in the Kingdom that Young Slayer might not be the true sire of his dear beloved progeny.

Scandalmongers have been sharing tales about a certain husky lover taken by Young Slayer’s former fair maiden who may indeed be the actual seed spiller.