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There are lots of senior dating sites and this was one of the best adult dating sites I have used.

And fyi, some cringe when thinking of women over 50 being sexy and wanting action, but too bad.

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Just search for your age; you can look for ladies who like swinger, alternative and fetish activities, plus more. I liked the seniormeet search by personality feature; that came in handy.Out of all of the contacts, 71 got back to me, including 9 of the ones who made initial contact.I whittled it down to 25 dating possibilities, and did meet 15. If you are more patient then me and it doesn’t bother you that this adult dating site is really not all seniors people, go for it.Real site with real people.12 ladies contacted me, most under 35. Otherwise, move on if you want an all seniors site.SENIOR DATING SITES REVIEWS Mature Hookup (5 / 5) Mature Hookup is classy, put together well, not nasty in any way, but some of the ladies are hot, if you know what I mean.

Us older people can give anyone a run for their money. There was no time-wasting camchat adult dating sites nonsense, and that was fine by me.

Simply put, it is a free adult dating senior meet place, and that’s good enough. But don’t think out of adult dating sites, that this is specifically a seniors site even though you can find them here.

For about a month, I searched this free adult dating site and sent out mail to over 50 women, some to talk to and others that I thought would be more of a match. And I know others within the site were a bit frustrated with that too. I am still dating one of those, a pretty blond about 3 miles from me.

Because I live in California there were many women from all over the world here. Some company gets a number of good site names including those for senior dating sites, gets a huge database and then uses it for every niche under the sun. I did try though as I do with free adult dating sites, and with a modicum of success. So I can’t say the senior dating site is completely worthless.

Don’t let my big state be a factor if you are in let’s say Idaho, lol, you will find seniormeet ladies. And I am now serious with a cute 51 year old Filipina American not far from me. When it comes to senior dating sites, dating over 50 on Mature Singles is easy. Mature Lover (5 / 5) Don’t judge the book by the cover here. It appears that is what the owners of Senior Friend have done. I spent a month on this senior meet site, on and off. I guess a lot of it has to do with your tolerance and patience.

And although I did run into a few women who I could not get along with, most were nice, some very amorous if you get my drift. Mature Lover is among a group of adult dating sites that go to an adult database with naughty people looking for nasty fun. In any event seniorpeople, I did have fun and I did enjoy the site and its results. Senior Friend (3 / 5) I think I should just give my rating now and move on, but I was hired to review it so I will. If you are more patient then me and it doesn’t bother you that this adult dating site is really not a discrete seniors site, go for it.