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So I'm finishing up studying for the CFA level 3 and I've had some troubling thoughts. Everyone seems so dull and I've been worrying excessively about my appearance. Analysts at Bank of America have reportedly suggested there is a 20 to 50 per cent chance our world is a Matrix-style virtual reality and everything we experience is just a simulation run by some future advanced civilization.

I've been sleeping 3-4 hours a night and I am paranoid about dark circles under my eyes. This simulation theory is supported by a lot of smart people, including E...

If you read my first post, you'll know that I attract (or, if you don't believe me, think I attract) a lot of women, and tha...

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My original post on women in the workplace caused something of a commotion. But no, I'm actually just speaking to my intended audience, heterosexual whi... Fuck yeah, if paying for everything and thinking (knowing) that men are better drivers is sexist.I hope this is perfectly okay with forum regulations...., My question is, what is the most strange thing that you've heard/experienced today?Today while shopping groceries, I found experienced that a lady had to go nr.

2 and didn't have time to go to the bathroom, leading towards her having s*** r...So I just graduated from an elite university and come from an underprivileged background.As a result, I'm going to be starting at an MBB firm in a large city.Unfortunately, I've been rejected by all of the must have credit cards that everyone here touts. So I have been told by my peers that apparently I mastered the art of the WH/PH college routine, as they see my ability to perform well academically while also managing to have more fun than them as some god given gift that one simply has or does not.No narcissism intended, I'm no smarter than they...We already have a minimum age of 35 so I don't see how having a age limit around 60-65 or less would be such a bad thing.