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The archiving is then processed by the Managed Folder Assistant which should process all mailboxes on a mailbox server within a one day by default.

(I hope you are seeing some result by today since your initial post was 18hrs ago) You can verify the Managed Folder Assistance by checking the Managed Folder Work Cycle attribute for your mailboxserver Is there a way to set a scheduled time for this task to happen? @Lex I'm waiting to hear back that the process worked.

From EMS I see that the archive mailbox has a size on it but the last time we checked the "Archive" in Outlook only showed the deleted items and search folders.

I had him restart Outlook and expand the folder and it't that image.

Don't know why it's not showing any content?

It could still be growing but I'll have to wait til tomorrow to find that out.

The database is separate from the one their normal user account is on.

The archive command appears to have worked as they now see an "archive" folder on the bottom of OWA and a "Online Archive - [email protected]" mailbox in their Outlook client.

The problem is that there is no data in this folder.I'm assuming there's something I'm supposed to do with retention tags/policies (currently all users are on the default MRM policy).I thought the default was to move everything older than 2 years to the archive mailbox.Any ideas on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue?Edit: I verified the user is using the Default MRM policy and has those settings.There is a "Default 2 year move to archive" rule with type "Default" and retention period of 730 days and action of "archive" in that rule. Edit2: EMS Once the user has archive enabled, and assigned to the archive Database, you need to make sure it's configured for MRM as you've stated.