Patrick j adams and troian bellisario dating

So it’s kind of like directing with training wheels for an actor on their own show. PJA: I got my cut and I’ve seen that, and then I handed it over to Aaron Korsch, and he does his cut of the episode, which I have not yet seen. She came to set ready to work and kept things moving. JJ: So there’s potential we may see her pop up again? It was so simple, but that’s because I know the show.

If you were to direct some other show, it’s slightly more difficult. But at the same time, we also know each other so well that we’re not afraid to voice our opposition if there’s something going on, and if they don’t like something. So Mike is in a dangerous situation because Louis has no reason to keep him around. It was a perfect first directing experience and I can’t wait to do more of it. They know you well enough to go, “No, that doesn’t make sense.” You have to work just as hard to really convince them of something, which is good because that’s why you want to be a director. They are going to go tat to tat, and the members of the firm are really going to have to rally and get creative to keep Mike around, if that’s at all possible. "She's been hiding her ring in the press." PHOTOS: Pretty Little Liars -- before they were stars! A., while Adams' USA Network show is shot in Toronto.) PHOTOS: Meet the characters of Pretty Little Liars "We're not really around each other for many months out of the year, so it's just kind of a fun process to get back into the 'getting to know you' kind of phase of things," the brunette star added.actress gave a shout out to her boyfriend, actor Patrick J. I like the fancy pretty guy from The Spirit but that kid with the forehead is so annoying. Adams show and a funny and adorable conversation came after.

Check out the conversation below: Troian: Finally, tonight, one of my favorite shows returns…

#thebestforehead Patrick: He’s clearly not emotionally available and needs to hit a gym. #trucy Then, Lucy Hale popped in on it: We have to come up with some sort of deal.

Patrick: Maybe you @lucyhale need to finally commit to one another Troian: @lucyhale I did buy her a ring this year.

Troian: Yeah @lucyhale told me he was hot but kind of a tool.

We recently sat down with the 33-year-old actor at the launch of his photography exhibit in New York City where he opened up about directing an episode, working with his fiancee Troian Bellisario, and more. And don’t forget – returns TONIGHT, January 28 @ 10/9c on USA! It’s so much more fun to go to work and wear jeans, shorts, and a t-shirt. You have the support of the whole crew, the DP, who’s been doing the show and knows the look of it. JJ: And what else can you say about Mike in this half of the season?

Just What can you tell us about Troian’s character and your scenes together? Adams: Troian comes in and plays a character from my past, so we have a flashback together, which like anything on , can come to play a part in the present. JJ: It’s always nice to see Mike in those flashbacks. You really just kind of helping people to find what’s going on in the scene. Gabriel [Macht] was amazing because I had done the same to him when he directed 4×11, so we had each other’s backs. He’s in trouble again, especially now that Louis has his name on the wall. Yeah, his name is on the wall and he obviously has enough leverage to accomplish whatever he wants.