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If all else fails, they threaten to sell the video or photos to a porn site for others to watch. He still wanted more money.“ "He keeps sending me emails threatening to send those nude photos of me to my work.

When the scammer realizes that you are not afraid of what he is threatening and he is not going to get anything out of it, he will go away. They use these tactics to continue to manipulate you into sending them money. I've been assured here at work that they will not allow them to pass thru. I'm so pissed and I'm so mad at myself for letting it get this far.

Thus far, we are not aware of any victim whose video/photos were sent to family or business associates or placed on a porn site. If you refuse to give them what they want, they will eventually move on but only if you cease all contact. In his email today he said he will open up new accounts if he has to.

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The best rule of thumb you can have is turn it on unless they have theirs on at the same time and you can see what they are doing. Even then, be very careful that the cam shot of them is NOT a pre-recorded video that is playing over and over. If the scammer is unusually persistent, you may want to change your phone number. Inform your supervisors at work about what is happening so they can help you handle the situation. Set up the your computers to block any emails coming from a scammer address. Contact a Romance Scams Peer Counselor for one-on-one assistance and guidance. In recent years, the software to create phony web cam video has become very sophisticated. Block and delete scammer from all your programs at work and home. Scammers want to see what they can see as far as your house goes.We understand they sometimes have their victims scan around their house on the web cam in a ruse of saying they want to get to know you better. By turning on your web cam to the scammer, you have become more vulnerable.

They will use it to strengthen the relationship, telling the victim how beautiful or handsome she/he is. Scammers often convince the victim to perform sexually on web cam.

This again strengthens the relationship with the victim.

The victim believes he/she is sharing an intimate moment with the love of their life. When the victim discovers they have been scammed and that most likely they had a room full of strangers watching them in their most private moments, they go through the same feelings of violation as a rape victim.

The Blackmail: Many scammers are set up to capture the web cam on video. By this time, they know where the victim works and information about the family.

When the scam reaches the point where the victim is not giving up any more money, the scammer then turns to blackmail. They threaten to send all of the pictures to one of these people unless they are paid off.

It is not a good idea, because once you start paying, the demands continue.