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While the world enjoyed basking under the glorious sun and BBQs, we in Britain looked enviously at them but still hopeful for few days of sun and fun! We had street parties for Queen’s diamond jubilee with gushing wind threatening to carry with her the rows of tables laden with goodies.

We braved the weather by barbequing on a rainy day with damp cloths and wet hair and high spirits.We visited parks, zoos and safaris with Lil Dumpling, matching his joy and reliving our own childhood bringing it back to full spectre of colours from blurred happy memories!We celebrated the spirit summer even when the weather felt far from all summer-y! We celebrated the summer, which was never a summer, like never before…Now that the summer is long gone and autumn has spread its delightful colours, we are busy again enjoying the colour bursts in shades of yellows, oranges and reds!The trees sway to the cold winds and the gold, coral and ruby red leaves flutter around us, laying beautiful and colourful carpet on the path fit for the royals.

We tread carefully on these leaves on our evening walks, taking small breaks in between to pick them up and admire their beauty.

The colours feel more vibrant against the stark greys of the sky and dark grey of cobblestoned path.

As the days become shorter and nights longer, we are up and eager to welcome the sun who paints the sky from orange to scarlet red.

Come evening, we are ready to bid him a farewell behind the dark clouds only to welcome him again the next morning with anticipation.

The whole world seems to be in a hurry, trying to catch few more days of sun and little warmth.

The bees are buzzing with more energy, sucking the nectars from last few blooms of summer.