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She's a fan of the Kings, her dad's one-time team, and celebrated their 2012 Stanley Cup championship with some of the players. Since then he has starred in quite a few terrible movies of his own, but he is probably best known as the "You can do it!

" type character from all of Adam Sandler's terrible movies.

When Schneider isn't cultivating his role as a cultural and comedic plague on humanity, he likes to kick back and watch a Giants game.

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One of the only constants in her life is her devotion to the Cubs.

Richards is a native of Downers Grove, Ill., and is a lifelong fan of the downtrodden Cubbies.

In 2009, she even showed off her singing skills, or lack thereof, by singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" at Wrigley Field.

Celebrity sports fans get a surprising amount of attention. And really, they need the publicity much more than Denzel.

There are countless online galleries devoted to letting the public know every celebrity in attendance at a given sporting event. So let's check the movie stars, rock stars, and everyone else of note at the door!

The Super Bowl, the NBA playoffs, and just about any game happening in New York or Los Angeles have all been known to attract a pretty impressive crop of celebrities. It's time to give D-list celebrity sports fans a little love for once. O'Day was born in San Francisco, but for whatever reason she's a Celtics fan. You can tell she's a serious fan, too—since she dyes her poor dog to prove it. Today he's probably best known as the husband of actress Megan "Is She Really Going Out With Him? Green is a Southern California native and he and the Mrs.But the famous faces populated those galleries are mind-numbingly repetitive. Here are 25 D-list celebrities you'll never see sitting next to Jack Nicholson. are often spotted among the many celebrities taking in Lakers home games at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Though, more often than not, Gretzky's "modeling" consists of posting scantily clad pictures of herself to Instagram. It's just that there are plenty of not-so-A-list celebrity sports fans who are completely ignored. It's not that nobody wants to see Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Leonardo Di Caprio and David Beckham hobnobbing courtside at the Staples Center.She's currently involved in a relatively high-profile romance with PGA star Dustin Johnson.Gretzky wouldn't be a Gretzky if she weren't at least vaguely interested in hockey.