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Try these songs on and see if you can see how they we're using rap long before it was known as rap: Chantilly Lace by The Big Bopper.1958Hot Rod Lincoln by Charlie Ryan 1955Hot Rod Race by Arkie Shibley 1951Maybelline by Chuck Berry in 1955Go ahead and look up the songs, most are on Youtube and listen to 'em.Are these songs the true commercialization of Rap 20-30 years before we even had a name for it? Considering the fact that many of the artists from the '50's were black, not sure where you arrive at that point.

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If you want to go deeper into it you can look up the Jamaican influences that contributed to the development in the '70's in NYC.

first off - it depends on what is considered 'Rap' - for instance Millie Jackson was well known for her Raps in the early/mid 70s .

Gil scott Heron - The revolution will not be televised , 1971 was a Rap record , also plenty by the Last Poets from the same era ....

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.It's common thought that Rap music developed in New York in the 1970's among the African American Community.But was it developed in the 1970's or was it copied from somewhere else? Some claim Rapture as the first Disco Rap song, recorded in the 70's that went to the top. A few might argue that Rap actually did not come to be in New York City and it did not come to be in 1970's. Google these songs: Hot Rod Lincoln was released in 1955 and it's argued that it was written in 1950 at the same time that the song "The Hot Rod Race" was written, recorded and subsequently released in 1951.Let's keep in mind that Rap is basically an Artist "speaking" the lyrics to a 4/4 beat either with music or acapello. Are these the first Rap songs played on the radio/recorded?In addition, Hot Rod Lincoln claims to be from a town called Lewiston, ID. is Rap 20 years older than the industry wants to claim? But then looking at older music it appears that rap existed 30 years earlier than Rapture.A lot of people also think that Run DMC with Aerosmith was one of the first rap songs, Walk this way, Talk this way.