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Identification guides to marks on Porcelain and Chinaware. Various nuances to the mark can help narrow the date to a specific year. The first porcelain factory in the town of Marktredwitz opened in the year 1872 and was. Used between 19, Rosenthal mark with ' CHEMISCH .

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She looks to I haven't been able to find the starburst mark anywhere, so can only assume it might be the decorating mark. Rosenthal Bavaria louis vuitton outlet store 70248 by shunv3315lrv.

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Antique trade catalogues, vintage advertising, European and Bohemian glass and porcelain marks Staré katalogy skla, porcelánu, reklamy, značky.

Rosenthal porcelain was made at the factory established in Selb, Bavaria, in 1880.

The factory is still making fine-quality tablewares and figurines. A set of modern rimless plates, straight-sided teapots, and cups was made in 1950.

Other limited edition plates have been made since 1971.In 1998 Rosenthal was acquired by the Waterford Wedgwood Group.Rosenthal was bought by Sambonet Paderno Industries, headquartered in Orfento, Novaro, Italy, in 2009.Rosenthal china is still being produced in Bavaria. ' R' Pottery Mark (or ' J' combined with an R) on Porcelain Sconce Pottery Mark Query:- hi: I have searched the web, AND all the books in the library. Rosenthal porcelain and glass defines itself with elegance and german quality of the highest standards. Royal copenhagen Figurine Marks and Dating - How old are my RC porcelain - Find the answer here. Notice the picture of the mark includes a patent date of 3/19/18.. ordered their china from one of the German factories such as Schumann or Rosenthal who .