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FCEM World Committee, April 24-27, 2013, France, Marseille Mrs Laura Frati Gucci welcomed the board members. German Association of women entrepreneurs VDU moves forward and develops its membership and activity.

This showed their willingness to ensure that the FCEM prospered and remained the world leader.Exhibition of photographs and engravings with views of the city of Milan in Yusupov Palace in St.Petersburg Exhibition of photographs and engravings with views of the city of Milan in Yusupov Palace in St.XX INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE "WOMEN CHANGING THE WORLD?With the support of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. Petersburg Social and Economic Institute, the conference "Women Changing the World" gathers the female leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, heads of public organizations from the regions of Russia, the member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Baltic states, European and Northern countries, the United States of America, Asia and Africa in order to provide an opportunity for governments and civil society to share experience in the implementation of projects aimed at the development of democracy and international humanitarian cooperation, and promote the development of professional and personal contacts. His 75th anniversary of the birth and the 20th anniversary of the death the whole world celebrate this year.

The purpose of the conference is the promotion of cooperation of professional women in various fields at the international and national levels. The film has been produced with the partial financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, organizational support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan and with the assistance of film studio "Bashkortostan". The world premiere of the film with the participation of Andris Liepa started January 24 in St.The main theme of the conference in 2013 is "The Role of Women in Economic and Cultural Integration". Anchorman of the film is National Artist of Russia Andris Liepa who in spite of all the authorities` prohibitions met Rudolf Nureyev and was his friend. Petersburg, then held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (Paris).Partners in the organization of the conference are: Union of Women of Russia, Platform "Dialogue Europe-Asia "Yes? Two-part documentary Presentation about world ballet star Rudolf Nureyev ? Premieres have had great success in the mass media both in Russian Federation and abroad., All-Russian public organization "Society of Knowledge". Mrs Frati Gucci asked the participants at this committee to intensify the sharing of experience between members of the association and realize objectives to ensure greater fairness for members of FCEM, particularly in countries in crisis. We are preparing premieres in celebration of the anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev in Monaco, London, Italy, Qatar, at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, the 35th Moscow International Film Festival, at the opening of the Museum of Rudolf Nureyev in Moulins (France) and others.61th FCEM World Congress Marrakech 25-27 September 201361th FCEM Congress Under the Theme: " Women Entrepreneurs: guaranted values for a sustainable performance" in Grand Mogador Palace By Royal Tulip, Mogador Palais des congres de Marrakech Under the patronage of His Majesty the king Mohammed VI . Two-part documentary Presentation about world ballet star Rudolf Nureyev ? It is planned to present the film as in the competitive programs of major international film and television festivals, cinemas and television channels around the world.Throughout the past 61 years, FCEM has displayed tremendous commitment towards helping women in the implementation and success of their business projects, as well as in advancement of their leadership through education, networking and national recognition in respect to values of solidarity, caring, sharing, no matter the differences. 60th FCEM World Congress, September 22-26, 2012, Germany, Berlin The program of the 60th FCEM World Congress was very interesting , all the activities were carried out at the highest level: German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a presentation, the Federal President of Germany Joachim Gauck held a reception at, attended by the Minister of Economy and many other interesting personalities, have been many interesting meetings .