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Ah, dollar stores, memories of my college days in Montreal. I give Dustin credit for not pouncing on it even faster. So Eric has to convince at least 3 people to say "I'd do that for a dollar" 5 days in a row, and it's so cute when he tries, and starts succeeding.

I don't know if it's because Montreal actually has more dollar stores than anywhere else in the world (because it sure felt like it) or that I was a poor student so they were essentially our department stores, but good times good times! In the meantime on , we need to go back to post-nomination time when Kail is assured by Dustin that she's not the final target (even though she kind of is, at least 1 of 4 that he want's out), and Jen is crying about her nomination. He get's Dick into the mission so I'm sure we will see more of that later this week.

With Danielle, Jen and Dustin (love ya but I sort of laughed when you started bawling the other day) topping over the tear meter? does the rest of the house notice anything about that? Dustin is sorry about it, about being caught up in the moment, meanwhile the rest of the house quickly turns against Dustin. His eyebrows could be less dramatic in it's movements but I guess that's part of his charm. Well, I guess I wasn't buying that facial hair which I find ugly but STILL.

Danielle, Jameka, and Jessica are chosen along side Dustin, Jen and Kail to play in the POV. Don't they see these "quiet" players are becoming a foursome (Eric, Jam, Jess, Dust) to reckon with and who hold the real power? The rest of the gang is appalled but Dustin takes the lead again, then spends his money again to win k (see above, contemplation over what to splurge on), again, pissing off the rest of the household, and especially a crying Amber (which in itself is a redundant adjective). Now let's see more of this Eric and Jessica interaction they've been hinting at. So Jameka takes Jen off the block and Dustin puts a dazed Nick on.

Jameka promised Jen that she would play for her if her name was pulled, and she will hold her word, which pisses off Evil Dick of course cause it doesn't go his way. Dustin becomes the first person to buy the trip to Barbados, looking all adorable in that beret (I'd do that for a dollar! This leaves Jameka to win POV, who now regrets promising God to fight for Jen. Dustin, Evil Dick, Danielle, Jameka, Eric, Jessica and Amber discuss the options for Jen's replacement since Jameka will not go against her word against Jen or God (I'd do that for a dollar! Danielle cries, and Dustin calls out the bitches to cut the ties (well, in the diary room at least). Still, this is three weeks in a row now that the Veto has been used, hasn't it?

God comes into the picture but personally, I think he has better things to do. It's an art related Veto competition to basically recognize puzzle art that are slogans to win money.

Danielle whines, Amber cries, Dick gets angry, Kail denies, Eric mugs, Nick shows his pecs, Jameka shrugs, Zack is creepy, Jessica is barely shown, Amber is still weepy, and Dustin continues to win my heart.

In order to achieve a place on the President's Honor List, a student must achieve a semester grade point average of 3.5 completing a minimum 42 grade points and enrolled full-time (12 units).A commendation letter signed by the President is available upon request.Contact Carol Brown, Administrative Assistant to the President at [email protected] A place to vent my frustrations about living in a effed up white male dominated, ableist, capitalistic society. :( But I will vote for them because I love them and they were doing hip hop which Sara is obviously going to be fantastic, and it looked good on the recap clip. *wipes drool off of chin* That was one hot cha cha. His arm should look like it's supporting hers (even though a follow is only touching her arm ever so slightly on his...just looks like he's supporting her.) Frame is the cornerstone of good ballroom dancing, but it is more important when you are not doing a routine you practiced. I know Lacey and Kameron may be the most popular, but they have performed the absolute best out of all the dancers in all their routines. SHe may not have hit every break with the right strength (hard v. I didn't think they had it in them to be honest, esp after last week.And if you're mean, misogynistic, or in any other way effed up I will delete you. Here comes the critique (thumbs up means I'm going to vote for them, thumbs down: not): WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I am so proud of Hok, his performance blew me away. Unfortunately I missed Sara and Jesus, so I don't know how they did and can not comment. She of course had great footwork and a great frame. He did well, but you could see his right arm sagging and Lacey holding her arm above his in a proper frame. I agree with the judges that they are indeed the dream couple on the show right now. I have nothing written down for Danny, strangely enough, but he did perform well. I wholeheartedly agree with Mary that they were too high on the floor; they needed to dance into the floor-it's a highly grounded dance. They played well against each other-really stepped up their partnering skills.