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Once an outcome has been determined based on the preponderance of evidence, the complainant and respondent are informed of appropriate actions taken based on the outcome.

Confidentiality and reporting Students, faculty, and staff may report incidents to any trusted university faculty or staff member.

To make informed choices when utilizing campus resources, one should be aware of this information related to confidentiality and mandatory reporting.

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All employees and students are urged to report allegations and/or violations of sexual misconduct, sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and/or stalking to one of the following officials.

For complete confidential assistance, contact the individuals below.

Privacy laws prohibit these individuals from disclosing your conversation without permission.

Don’t be afraid to report Sometimes individuals are afraid to report sexual violence because alcohol or drugs are involved.

The university’s highest priority is the safety of all on campus.

Any other rule violations will be handled separately from the sexual violence or harassment complaint.

The use of alcohol or drugs never makes the person who was victimized at fault for sexual violence.

Every complaint is taken seriously Viterbo University takes any complaint about sexual violence or sexual harassment very seriously.

The university follows the guidelines published by the U. Department of Education and the Office of Civil Rights.

Every complaint is immediately assessed to determine imminent danger and duty to warn others.

A preliminary investigation is conducted to determine reasonable cause that a violation has occurred, and if so, an investigation is conducted.