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We have been able to purchase land and are getting ready to break ground on this as well.

When you are intimate with God, few things, if any, are able to phase you. Never in history have two Spirit-filled believers divorced. Jones is a defensive linebacker out of Mississippi State who participated in the NFL Combine this past Sunday.The Combine is a kind of uncomfortable event in which college football players run through a gauntlet of physical activities for scouting purposes. christianaudio President, Cory Verner recently caught Francis over email to discuss his latest book, You and Me Forever. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read a marriage book in 20 years! What are other marriage and family resources would you also recommend?

This has been something I’ve wanted to write for years. It just so happened that my wife and I were able to make time to write it (between child five and six).The proceeds of this book will back a cause overseas, right? There are several projects we hope to support through the proceeds of this book.One that stands out comes from a trip we took on our twenty year anniversary.We witnessed some extreme poverty in Africa, as well as thousands of women caught up in sex slavery.Our hope was to provide food and medical help for the kids (which we have been able to do now).We also were hoping to provide a safe place to educate prostitutes and sex slaves.