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After all phone sex has that “uncomfortable” word that people whisper at night, after drinking too much… With an MBA in business administration, who would have thought that this timid, unassuming woman would one day drive men (and some women) wild with desire… With a background in business, such as mine, I learned all there was to learn about metrics, and when it comes to my company, I have metrics about just about anything.

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Here is one such trend for example which I have applied to my cheap phone sex numbers.

With all that’s been going on with gay marriage and the rights of gay people to marry one another, we, as a business are getting more and more gay men calling our specialized lines.

There is sub group however, within that group that is really intriguing: Married Gay or bisexual men These men are married to women, they love their wives and have no intention of leaving them, or cheating on them and yet find themselves having to deal with sexual urges that are not always compatible with an heterosexual society.

And more and more of these men are calling our lines and the interesting thing is that when they do, the majority of them ask to speak to women, rather than to men. The percentage of these men who call behind their wife’s back or with their prior approval.

Perhaps they are shy and want a safe environment to explore their sexual orientation, or perhaps they feel more comfortable talking to another woman.

Die Party der liebes hungrigen und sexistischen unersättlichen ……

die nicht nur lieb, sondern auch besonders „böse“ sind… Für die bösen Mädchen, die selbstbewußt und selbst bestimmt sich treiben lassen wollen, mit den bad boys and gentlemen flirten, heiß tanzen, sich gierig an ihnen reiben und sie vernaschen, oder vernascht werden wollen.... Die Party für böse Mädchen, freche unersättliche Kerle, Boys and Gentlemen, die nicht zu brav sind, aber trotzdem stilvoll und galant, so wie attraktiv gekleidet, daß ihre Vorzüge auch zur Geltung kommen.

Friday-Night Preis-Special: für Paare die als MMF kommen ( der 2.

HUNG HOMO HOMESTAY offers a seaside respite for travelling gay/bi men or same sex male couples and businessmen who are looking for a getaway for a few days or weeks.

The rooms are large and appointed with up to date amenities including private 4 piece en-suite, key-less locking system and private entrances, queen sized beds with fine linens, lounging area, Wi Fi, refrigerator and coffee maker or full kitchen.

In addition, as a guest, you will have access to the “NASTY PIG PLAYPEN” with sling, toys and much more for your private manly entertainment.