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Additional contribution came from Nokio the N-Tity and Daryl Simmons, the latter of which produced the album's third single "My First Night with You", a cover version of Deborah Cox's 1995 recording, written by Award-winning musicians Babyface and Diane Warren.

Harrison worked with a wider range of producers on her second album Fear of Flying (2000), including Rodney Jerkins, Wyclef Jean, Robin Thicke, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis to embrace a more mature sound.

Lead single "The Best of Me" was co-penned by Teron Beal, Swizz Beatz, and Jadakiss along with singers Jimmy Cozier and Mashonda, while second single "Case of the Ex" marked the singer's first collaboration with producer Tricky Stewart, who would become a frequent collaborator on future projects.

Top wedding songs for the garter placement are listed below for your convenience.

Once the bouquet and garter have been tossed it's time to bring each recipient forward and have some fun.

The girl who caught the brides bouquet is seated on a chair and the gentleman who caught the garter must place the garter on her leg.Sometimes a comment is made if she has a boyfriend or if her father is present, it's all in good fun.Once the task is completed it's time for a quick Again here are several potential bouquet garter songs that you may use for the this event but you need not pick any of these if you know of something else you would like to use.I suggest you select music that will be fun and keep the energy high so as to bring your guests back to the dance floor.Check out our every growing data base of Rap and Hip Hop lyrics for your viewing pleasure.We have compiled a list of your favorite lyrics consisting of songs from your favorite old school Rap Artists to the freshest and newest released Hip Hop Artists.