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Tired of large beer trucks driving through its medieval streets, the town of Bruges, Belgium has installed a beer pipeline to transport almost 900 gallons of beer an hour from the brewery to a bottling plant outside of town. 15) The largest cruise ship ever to traverse the Northwest Passage is on its way from Alaska to New York, made possible by melting ice in the Arctic.

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You wouldn’t think it from this restaurant's nondescript street-side appearance, but the romantic style here is just as low key as its public presence.

The two patios are adorned with an array of wildly growing potted plants, simple cafeteria-style tables, plain wood chairs, and attractive people nibbling on fresh pasta with bold flavors like squid ink and dried cod roe.

Hotel restaurants can be a romantic cliché thanks to the easy accessibility to a bed, but Tres by Jose Andres (at the SLS on La Cienega) is an unexpected departure from the generic hotel dining atmosphere.

Sink into a fluffy sofa and dine off of an oversized coffee table in your own cozy living room, complete with a fireplace and a bookshelf filled with art, history, style, pet (? The only reminder you're not ACTUALLY in your own cozy living room?

The server interrupting with plates full of elevated California comfort food.

From the quaint, two-story yellow cottage exterior to the crisp white tablecloths, candles, and classic Italian chef, servers, and food, Ado is a mashup of all things romantic.

Request a table on the packed, petite 2nd floor where dim lighting and flowing wine will quickly get you to forget that you’re a few feet from other dining strangers.

If romance for you means Michelin-star caliber food, truffles, and a 10-course tasting menu, your best LA bet is Melisse.

It’s one of the few refreshingly refined restaurants in town where a suit and even a tie (!! A Champagne cart arrives table-side upon your being seated, setting the tone for a very different LA dining experience.

If you’re at Melisse, you may as well go all out and indulge on one of the wine-paired tasting menus. But nonetheless, you've got to give this old guy credit for being one of LA's OGs of romantic date night destinations.

Sure, it’s slightly snobby (and very expensive), but that’s part of the fun. You can't discount the fact that not even time has been able to take away or even taint its twinkly allure -- every table hugs a natural cascading creek bed, while the gazebo table looks out over the rest of the crowd (request it in advance).