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Some time ago I got an excellent tip here how to do that out of Excel-VBA. I have a worksheet which has 10-15 cells with long IF statements as formulas. Command = "Record" End With 'End Recording End Sub Private Sub Command2_Click() MMControl1. Can any one help, hope theres enough information to understand what im trying to do?

It was recommended: str Wav Path = "C:\path\soundname.wav") x = Shell("sndrec32/play /close " & Chr(34) & str Wav Path & Chr(34), vb Hide) It worked fine with my XP-computer. The cell formulas are in the form of (not exactly of course): =IF(A1=condition1 OR B1=condition2, display"first message", else if(A1=condition2 AND B1=condition3), display"second message", else display "third message") etc. TIA J_J Hello I am OK with VB6 language, can not understand VC or much else unless is simply explained.

Now I'm on a new Vista machine and it doesn't work anymore ("file not found"). Private Declare Function Play Sound Lib "winmm.dll" Alias "Play Sound A" (By Val lpsz Name As String, By Val h Module As Long, By Val dw Flags As Long) As Long ' Sound constants Private Const SND_ASYNC = &H1 ' play asynchronously Private Const SND_FILENAME = &H20000 ' name is a file name Public Sub Play Sound File(By Val File Name As String, Optional By Val Wait As Boolean = False) If Wait Then Call Play Sound(File Name, 0&, SND_FILENAME) Else Call Play Sound(File Name, 0&, SND_ASYNC Or SND_FILENAME) End If End Sub (Above code was indented to highlight wordwrap.) Later... I need to use my laptops internal speaker to sound an alarm (bip) or call a *file to play.... What i am trying to do is record the sound received from my Hauppauge Win TV USB2 device to a file.

I found out that sndrec32is no more available in Vista. When I open sndrec32manually, it comes up but it also tells me that "there was an error updating the registry". "if" any one of the cell value is "changed" because of the conditions on any one of the cell is changed . I need to start recording to the WAV file and at a set time stop recording, allowing the WAV file to be played like any other WAV or audio file. 'MCI command to save the WAV file i = mci Send String("save capture " & Common Dialog1. but no WAV file is created My current success is...

So, I copied it from the old XP-machine into Vista's "System32" folder. Any idea or any other way to sound a wav-file out of OFFICE XP 2007? Private Sub Command1_Click() 'Start Recording With MMControl1 .

but this records any sound, where i only want the sound that the Hauppauge device receives.

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