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We have come to a point where many of the actors and actresses in the current entertainment celluloid are relatives or children of already famous people in the industry.Soumya Seth is no exception and she belongs to a family full of people who are big names in the industry.She is an extremely talented Hindi serial actress and most importantly she is young to be the face of any television series.

More opportunities keep coming her way and she has a long way to go.Let’s check out what has helped her become the personality she is through the biography of Soumya Seth. On most of the years, Soumya Seth birthday is spent on TV sets as she remains busy with the shooting.But whenever she is at home, she makes sure she throws a grand party for her friends and family.Well, today's generation very much care about their diet and fitness but our on screen couple Shaheer Sheikh and Soumya Seth who are playing the role of Anant and Navya in the serial Navya on Star Plus have broken their food limit and now they have engrossed with their new burger craze. They order burger on the sets every day and then they cannot stop to eat it.As Navya story also moves around their college life so it becomes easier for them to eat this type of junk food.

Burger has become one important thing for them as they also love it.

More than that even when they want to eat one bite of burger, they finish eating whole thing thus the production team orders more burgers for them.

About her this craze Soumya Seth says that she and Shaheer are burger lovers.

In a scene of the show they gobbled burgers which was not required.

Not only this they can eat three burgers at one time, says Soumya Seth.

Well, Saheer and Soumya your burger craze is amazing but take care about your figure!