Speed dating shyness

Speed dating is just that: it’s a very short date or a meet and greet.

In a way, speed dating is like a networking events.

Only, instead of meeting people for business opportunities, they are meeting people for romantic opportunities.

To this end, after the registrants have all signed up, the speed dating hosts will separate either men and women, or people of the same sex.

They will either have the women sit down, or the men sit down, etc.

Then, it’s up to the other separated group to go from table to table, and meet as many people as possible.

It’s almost like the game “Musical Chairs”, but with a twist.No one gets a chair pulled away from them, but what does happen, is that a person has a few minutes to sit at a table, and connect with the person sitting down.when the time is up, a bell or a timer will go off.Then, the person who is visiting the table has to get up, and meet someone new.The person sitting down will have lots of people coming to their table to meet with them, and to try to get to know them in a short period of time.The purpose of this fun romantic game, speed dating, is for the participants to expand their boundaries, and to meet as many people as possible.