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The 1988 model had a wet weight of 412 lb (187 kg).The 650 cc engine had an output of 58 hp (43 k W) @ 5000 rpm.A cousin to the Hawk GT, the Revere was available in Europe from 1988.

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The model was revised and renamed 'NTV650' in 1993, with a side stand and no centre stand, different carburettors, conventional one-piece tubular handlebar and longer silencer.The engine power dropped from 60 down to 57bhp (Motor Cycle News review).The NTV650 was replaced in 1997 by the Deauville, basically an NTV650 with a 3/4 fairing (touring style) and fixed panniers.The Honda Hawk GT NT650 motorcycle was designated as model RC31 and was designed by Toshiaki Kishi, and was the second Honda with "Pro-Arm" suspension bike after the RC30 VFR750R.The Japanese model was named the Bros, which is the far superior of the NT breed of motorcycle.

The RC model designation is for bikes up to 750 cc, though the Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) has an engine of more than 750 cc and a model designation of RC34.

The Hawk GT was one of the first modern naked bikes along with the Yamaha SRX, which were both released several years before the Ducati Monster and eventually the Suzuki SV650. There are only very minor changes between the 1988 model year and the 1989-1991 model years.

In 1989, the front suspension damper rods were changed to have only two (rather than four for the 1988) holes.

The front brake calipers were also changed to have screw-on covers over the mounting pins.

In 1991, the oil lines were run internally through the engine, rather than externally and only a handful of 1991 model year bikes actually made it into the United States, making the 1991 the rarest vintage Hawk in America.

The Canadian model was identical to the US model except for the colors.