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By now if you have been following this thread, you should know that any type of messaging system is likely compromised or storing your data for an unknown period of time, and if you ever become a person of interest can be looked back upon for 5+ years.This means things like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Skype Messaging, Facebook Instant/Private Message, Text Messages, and other forms of communication are all likely being monitored to some degree, at the very least logging the meta data.

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But some of us want to be able to instant message somebody else.The good news is, you can do this with something called Tor Chat.Tor Chat is a decentralized anonymous instant messenger that uses Tor hidden services as its underlying Network, in other words it communicates over the Tor network through the .onion URL protocol.This provides end to end encryption that we talked about in previous posts.It provides cryptographically secure text messaging and file transfers for business dealings, and confidential communication between two people.

The best news, is that you can use Tor Chat on your Windows, Linux and your smart phones.

A French developer released a version for MAC users, but it still in beta and should be used at your own risk.

You can get Tor Chat for the i Phone in the Apple store, you can get Tor Chat in the Android Market as well, so you can even use it as a means of text messaging somebody else who also has Tor Chat.

In Tor Chat, every user has a unique alphanumeric ID consisting of 16 characters.

This ID will be randomly created by Tor when the client is started the first time, it is basically the .onion address of a hidden service.

Tor Chat clients communicate with each other by using Tor to contact the other’s hidden service. page=torchat – MAC users Unfortunately at this time, Tor Chat does not run properly in Tails, so you will either need to run it on your Windows, Linux or MAC system.