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'I've enjoyed meeting different people and spending time with people with all the cards on the table. 22 June 2016 “It’s a bit like cooking really, you have an idea of the occasion or style you want, and the ingredients, so you see what happens!” Charlotte Lloyd, founder of vibrant textile brand, Charles of Lloyd, has an endearing approach to design. Read Full Post 15 June 2016 “It describes my move from my emotional home in London to my more structured home in South Korea, much like me there is two overlapping stories in one design.” Jinju Lee, textile designer behind our latest Designer Edition, certainly has a story to tell.

Read Full Post “I take inspiration from all kinds of gardens and create my own, imaginary one, to bring a natural atmosphere to interiors” says Claire De Quénetain, our latest Designer Edition’s creator.

Read Full Post “Once I’ve come up with an idea I usually sit at my desk and start drawing by hand. I never quite know where they’re going to take me or how the finish result will look.” Read Full Post A flourish seen on traditional furniture from across Europe – particularly British, French and Swedish – lines of brass studding lend a design an antique air.

From the Astor ottomans to the Rouen stools, this longstanding technique is one of our favourite finishing touches.

Read Full Post “If I weren’t a designer, I think I’d be a cook, with the same design approach and mindset I have now, except instead of materials I’d have ingredients, and instead of sitting on or using a final product, I’d be eating it!

” laughs Tom Goodbun, the furniture designer behind our…

Read Full Post 13 January 2016 “Inspiration is everywhere, but I’ve been getting more and more interested in Art Deco architecture.

From London buildings such as the Hoover, Michelin, and Daily Express buildings to Frank Lloyd Wright, who also dabbled in textiles.

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