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In the past, an expectant mother who wanted to know the gender of her unborn baby had to wait for a sonogram 20 weeks into her pregnancy.

But now an at-home test can determine a baby’s sex only 10 weeks in, with 78 to 80 percent accuracy, according to Intelli Gender, the test’s creator.

When we asked the company’s rep exactly how the test worked, we were told what we pretty much already knew: It’s an analysis of urine in which chemicals react with hormones to indicate the gender of the baby.

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Interestingly, recent sexual activity can yield a false “boy” result.

The tests won’t be sold in India and China, where an overriding preference for male babies could prompt a rash of terminated pregnancies for women carrying girls.

Here in the States, the company warns against a somewhat less drastic reaction parents might have when they see the results: painting the nursery a gender-specific color.

The Baby Gender Calculator is based on the ancient Chinese Pregnancy Calendar which is said to be able to predict whether you will have a boy or a girl based on the mother’s age and month of conception.

Find out your baby’s gender with the Baby Gender Predictor now!

To use the Baby Gender Predictor, you simply enter the two required values into the Gender Calculator: the expecting mother’s current age and the date in which the baby was conceived.Once you have clicked the button, the Gender Calculator will provide you with a prediction of your baby’s gender.The Baby Gender Calculator is a tool based around the ancient Chinese Pregnancy Calendar.Obviously, the results of the Gender Calculator are not as reliable as those attained through medical exams and ultrasounds.If you want 100% accuracy you should seek advice from your doctor.The Chinese Pregnancy Calender is an ancient oriental tradition which can predict the sex of the baby before birth by simply combining values of the moon age of the mother at the time of conception and the lunar month in which the child was conceived.