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Glamour girl: Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, pictured left in New York in June of 2011 and right in Los Angeles in August of 2011, has spoken about how hard it is to find a boyfriend due to the fact she is a virgin Super star: The athlete, pictured above at the 2010 USA Outdoor Track And Field Championships in Iowa, will attempt to qualify in June for this year's London Olympics.

The hurdler competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics She said: 'Here's the two things that happen when you tell a guy you're a virgin, this is the honest truth.

One, you tell them [and they say] "oh ok, I respect that".

In addition to being famous, richer and more physically fit than your average person, professional athletes have a much bigger dating pool to choose from as well.Sure, that doesn't sound fair at all, but that's just one of the many perks that come along with the territory.Many athletes choose to take advantage of this fact by dating strictly within the Big Three: actresses, models and cheerleaders.Not that there's anything wrong with that, but there are others who choose to date those who they have a bit more in common with—other professional athletes.Here are some of the hottest athletes who date MMA fighter Miesha Tate is currently dating fellow UFC Team Alpha Male fighter Bryan Caraway.

Apparently things are getting serious between the couple because, in March 2012, Caraway threatened to "knock (the) head off" and/or "choke" Ronda Rousey in the wake of Tate's first-round loss by submission to her.

Tennis greats Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have been together since 1999.

Prior to their coupling, Agassi hadn't been known to date athletes.

He married former model Brooke Shields in 1997, but the marriage lasted just two years.

Graf obviously has a thing for athletes—she dated tennis player Alexander Mronz and race car driver Michael Bartels before Agassi.

In April 2012, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck was selected No.