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The problem with being attached to an outcome is two things. Hanging at home on a Friday night with your kids, having a sleepover at your girlfriends house, watching football all day with your boys, traveling with reckless abandonment, watching gossip girl/ house of Thrones marathons, giving at home facials, enjoy it all!The first is that if you are focused out the outcome you can’t enjoy the present and the second is that we can’t control that future. It won’t last forever (especially if you read my blogs and website) and you better take advantage of it now.We can’t so the only thing you can do to position yourself for the relationship that you want is to enjoy where you are right now! Don’t worry about becoming the 45 and up eternal Single Mom, if you are on this site, the odds are already in your favor.

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Being a happy single mom is your biggest weapon to finding a partner.

I don’t believe you need to create this busy full life of single stuff because I’ve seen that backfire; just be happy.

How attractive is it going out with a person who is happy and satisfied exactly where they are?

The joys of dating for most Single and Divorced Moms doesn’t always start off on the right foot.

Single Moms it’s not the time to give up on dating.

Most people have some sort of end goal in mind when it comes to dating.It might be a partner, a marriage, family or something along those lines; but very rarely do we date just to “date”. I mean, I know why not, I am from Earth just like you and I’ve been conditioned the same way, or is it an American thing? It was the only time I got to try different restaurants, areas, friend circles, sports, adventures and lips.I’d like you to keep the end result but I also want you to concentrate on enjoying the ride. I remember reading a quote that basically said, enjoy the journey, and on the road to your end goal, please remember to enjoy the journey. I wouldn’t trade those adventures for the world in the same way that I would not trade my marriage.I love being married, and appreciate this part of my life immensely.As a single person, you will have opportunities that might not ever get again and you don’t want to miss them because you are so busy waiting for a husband.My close friends and I call that being attached to the outcome.