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Note: Portable Firefox and Portable Thunderbird don't support a file or a Profile Manager, since the profile is stored in a portable drive that is moved between computers.

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If you haven't done this before, it's recommended that you make a backup of all of your profiles before continuing.Note: If you are moving a profile with the same name as an existing profile (for example, the "default" profile) you should use one of the alternative methods given below to move the profile.Although it is possible to rename the existing profile in the Profile Manager and then follow the steps below, if you make a mistake and then attempt to delete the new profile, data loss could occur (bug 113203).If you're migrating from Windows to Linux, you may find Moving from Windows to Linux more useful.If you're using Thunderbird, you may find Moving your profile folder - Thunderbird easier to follow, since it doesn't cover multiple applications as this article does.

Note on moving profiles between operating systems: If you move your profile between dissimilar operating systems (Windows to Mac OS X for example) the path names in the file (your settings) may have the wrong syntax.Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite/Sea Monkey, for example, use the same format to store messages and address books on all platforms.In such cases, you can update the information stored in the file by using the "Browse" button for the local directory in your Options/Preferences for (Mail & Newsgroups) Account Settings - Mozilla applications don't know how to discover a profile by just looking in the default location where profiles are stored.They look in the file (Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sea Monkey 2) or in the "registry.dat" file (Mozilla Suite/Sea Monkey 1.x) to find what profiles exist and where they are located.When you create, rename, or delete a profile using the Profile Manager, the information stored in this file is updated.While it's possible to move a profile somewhere and then manually update the file, that is not recommended as it's error-prone.